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Whether you're a golfer struggling with rotation during your backswing or a golf instructor with students unable to make a good turn, get to the next level with one of our comprehensive courses.


Mastering Torso Rotation for Better Golf

A step-by-step guide to help you address stiffness to improve your torso rotation.


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Mastering Hip Rotation

Learn how addressing hip mobility and strength can lead to additional gains in torso rotation. 

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On the Course Low Back Pain Management  

Learn how to improve and manage recurring lower back pain during golf.

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What People Are Saying

"Dr. Tate has built a fantastic program and center for golf excellence. If anyone is looking for a place to get in peak performance shape, this is the place to go. The facilities and equipment available are unmatched, as is the expertise by George Tate. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone!

Rob Gleixner

Handicap Index +1.0

"These guys are simply the best in town. I started working with GMS in April of 2022. By the end of the season, my handicap had dropped from a 6.7 to a 3.4. I added 15 yards to my driver and also got in much better physical shape. For the last four years, I couldn’t sleep on my left side bc of old football injuries to my neck and shoulder. After isolated workouts and continual training, I am now pain free."

Brian Coxon

Handicap Index 3.4

"Great results and instruction. I used to see a chiropractor every 7-10 days during the golf season to keep my back and shoulder pain in check. I’ve been going to GMS for a little over a year and haven’t been to the chiropractor since. George helps you build and train the right muscles to reduce pain instead of treating the pain after the fact like I did at the chiropractor..

Grant Jones

Handicap Index 4.0

Golf Movement Systems Podcast

Discussions aimed at enhancing your golf skills and physical fitness.


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