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GMS Workout Class

Each class is a balance of strength, stability, mobility, speed, and power all specific to golf. Nothing is better than training with others to push yourself and hold each other accountable. 

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One on One Golf Performance Training

Individual training offers a more personalized experience specific to your physical needs. Individual training is for someone who wants time to ask more questions and learn more about their movements while making sure form and intent are maximized. George can personalize your experience according to your goals while taking into account his professional opinion. 

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Physical Therapy Evaluation

Includes a musculoskeletal assessment looking at strength, joint mobility, soft tissue extensibility/health, pain, along with functional movement patterns related to golf/activity. We will develop a plan to improve your pain which may include: mild mechanical changes with golf swing, exercise, stretching, strengthening, warm up , additional physical therapy treatment, etc. Same day treatment will be provided.

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Physical Therapy Treatment

We will assess responses to treatment and any changes in pain or performance since the last session. Additional treatment will be provided per therapist recommendation: Manual Therapy (joint mobilizations, soft tissue mobilization, deep tissue massage, stretching, manipulations, dry needling, cupping etc) Exercise progression will also be discussed depend on response to initial treatment. 

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